Friday, January 6, 2012

Stila It Girl Palette

I am super boring when it comes to eye shadow. I have been using the same eye shadow quad for years and have repurchased it many times. It contains a shimmery light silver, a darker silver shimmer, a matte dark gray and a shimmery black. It works for day and night looks and I have created countless looks with it. I even stopped using eyeliner so much because the black and dark gray are perfect when used as liners.

So yeah. Same thing day after day for years. BORING.

Then I was gifted Stila's It Girl Palette. I love Stila but have never used their eye shadows. The palette contains Lame`, Chloe and the extremely popular Kitten. The thing is though that these colors are brown and coppery, so I was a little worried about them looking okay on my pale skin. Could I make these eye shadows look great on me? Could I part with my beloved palette? Change can be good but oh so hard.

Right to left: Lame`, Chloe and Kitten

I started out gently, with Kitten by itself. I am totally in love with the color. It is a great neutral with a small amount of shimmer. Just lovely. Then I got bold and started using all of them together. The colors work so well together and the shimmer is office friendly.

Lame`, Chloe and Kitten 

Using the flash on the camera you can see the shimmer!
Lame`, Chloe and Kitten

The texture of the shadow is amazing. Really smooth application which is great since I am notorious for snagging my eyelid and fluffing eye shadow all over my cheeks. Apparently you can wear the shadows wet as well, but I have not tried that yet.

I am still continuing to use all three of them together. My current look is this....

Line eyes with brown liner (top and bottom). Take Chloe (the brown) and apply to entire eye lid and and run over the eye liner on the bottom of my eyes. Then brush Lame` onto the outside corner of my top eyelid extending to the middle of my eyelid. Finish off by applying Kitten to the inside corner of my eyes to make me look awake. Adding a iridescent white shimmer to the inside corner of your eyes is an ages old makeup artist trick. It really does make your eyes pop.

Sorry for not posting a picture of the finished look. As I type this I am sitting here in my pajamas not really interested in applying makeup then removing it. What can I say? I'm a lazy beauty blogger. At least I swatched the colors for you. :)

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this particular It Girl Palette can be purchased anymore. But chin up dolls! You can purchase each of the featured eye shadow colors separately.

Stila It Girl Palette #2

Also, Stila is carrying the It Girl Palette #2, which contains Kitten and similar brown shades to the palette I have now for $14.00.

Stila Dream In Full Color Palette

I am curious to know if anyone else has tried Stila's eye shadows? I want nothing but them in my makeup bag from now on. Really the best I have ever used. I have my eye on the Dream In Full Color Palette. It contains twenty-nine eye shadows, seven cheek colors, comes with a black eyeliner and a twelve page book. All for $39.00. Super rad.

Stila Cosmetics can be purchased at


Anonymous said...

Ive never tried their shadows, mostly their lip glosses. I had a run in with their illuminating foundation that i suspect set off that terrible acne i got for a few months. I still have it in my beauty drawer because i cant bear to throw it away. Nice swatches, everytime I visit you blog I wanna do another post of my own :)

Anonymous said...

My style as well :)

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