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Benefit "The Big Ten"

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I have been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics for years. Their blushes are fantastic, the perfect amount of pigment for my pale skin. All of their products are contained in adorable packaging and have quirky cute names. Also, all of their potions and cosmetics smell amazing. I can never put my finger on what exactly I smell, but girly sums it up well.

I just added Benefit's "the Big Ten" to my makeup collection.

This is perfect for folks who are new to Benefit and want to try before they buy. Or for people like me who are devoted fans, know they love the brand, but want to try out some new colors or formulas before splurging. It retailed for $32.00 and I am not sure if this was a set that was only made to be sold for the holidays or if they are carrying this year round. I couldn't find it on Benefit's website and over at Sephora it is not in stock. If anyone knows please leave a comment letting us know!

So the review.....

Erase Paste in No. 2 Medium

This super creamy concealer is really concentrated promising you ultimate coverage. It blends easily and really did conceal well. The formula is fantastic and I would highly recommend this concealer. However, the color was all wrong for me. My pale skin needs the No. 1 version.

The Bottles

Stay Don't Stray
Stay Don't Stray

An eye primer that is supposed to be used not only on your eyelid to make your eye shadow stay in place, but also under your eyes to keep your concealer from creasing and fading. Once applied, you can't see it since it is flesh colored and it really did keep my eye shadow from creasing. Usually by the end of the day I can count on my eye shadow creasing but not with this stuff!

Benetint and Posietint, three coats. Super sheer! Hard to get a good picture!

Benetint and Posietint

I am a huge fan of Benetint so I was super excited to try out Posietint. These waterproof lip and cheek stains go on sheer and can be layered for more color. Personally, I think they look best with a clear lipgloss applied over them but the stain looks great on it's own too. Benetint is a rosy color while Posietint is a gorgeous pink. Both colors would look fabulous on all skin tones. The bottle contains a brush wand similar to a lip gloss wand making it easy to apply to lips. A word of advice though.....when applying to your cheeks, move fast. This stuff sets pretty quick and you could end up streaky if you are not fast enough.

High Beam

High Beam

High Beam is a shimmery complexion enhancer. I am in love with this stuff. Just like Benetint, the applicator is a brush and easy to apply to your face. It is light and produces the perfect amount of shimmer leaving your face looking healthy and dewy, not at all like a disco ball. I applied this after my face makeup was done, on my cheek bones and down my nose and it looked amazing!

Ooh La Lift
Ooh La Lift

I have had my eye on this product for a long time but have never purchased. Is it concealer? An undereye treatment? Highlighter? Since I never fully understood it's purpose I never purchased it. Big mistake! Ooh La Lift contains light reflecting pigments and raspberry extracts to provide an instant eye lift. The pink balm is easy to apply, and it really does work. Understand that this is not an eye cream and you will not get long lasting results from this product. It is meant to be a quick fix and that is exactly what it does.My undereye area was brighter but all was lost once I washed my face.

That Gal

This face primer may be the best one I have ever used. It is meant to be used all over your face prior to makeup application to ensure that your makeup goes on smooth. It is creamy and shimmery, but not sparkly. I would reccommend keeping this in your bag for touch ups throughout the day. It makes your skin look alive and awake.


Porefection promises to make your pores disappear, which is a hefty claim in my opinion. I am going to get straight to the point and tell you that Porefection did not erase more pores. Sorry, trust me I was sad too. But what it did make disappear was shine. It soaked up the oil on my face and made my skin really smooth which in turn made my foundation go on like a dream. The shine control lasted for a few hours and by mid day I found myself powdering my nose. Overall, Porefection was disappointing.

Blah. Stock photo.

Bella Bamba

A gorgeous blush with sheer buildable color. The shade reminds me of watermelon speckled with tiny gold flecks. When I first opened Bella Bamba I was a little scared of the color since it looks so dark in the box, but it gave me a perfect flush.

Another stock photo? Jeeze!


Dandelion has been one of my favorite makeup products for a long time. Years ago, Benefit made these awesome little palettes that contained two eyeshaows, two lip glosses and Dandelion blush. There was also one made with the Georgia blush which is another of my all time favorites. I was obsessed with these palettes and had I known that Benefit was planning on discontinuing them I would have bought enough to last me a lifetime. Anywho....Dandelion is the most perfect pink blush you will ever meet. Like all of the blushes Benefit makes, the color is sheer but buildable and smells heavenly. I truly believe that ever single one of Benefit's blushes is perfect for any skintone and highly recommend all of them.

So that's it! Each product is great with Porefection being the only dud. Nine out of ten isn't so bad.

Like I said earlier, I am not sure if you will ever be able to purchase this set but, all of the products can be purchased either full size or in other sets at benefitcosmetics.com


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