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Oh Ole....My Love Affair With Ole Henriksen Continues

I am no stranger to Ole Henriken's amazing products.

Here, I talked what is hands down one of my favorite skin care products for the Beauty Collection Blog.. Truth Serum Collagen Booster will provide you with a total skin transformation. It's a game changer.


For the Be Beaut Blog I talked about Ole's Black Currant Complexion Oil which also changed my skin in amazing ways. I don't use it daily, only when my skin is lackluster, dry or producing more oil than usual. I know. Putting oil on your face terrifies you but listen to me....oily skin is caused because your skin is producing more oil than necessary. By applying this oil to your face you are telling your skin to calm down. Relax and stop making so much oil. It stops and your skin looks fantastic as a result.


Ole Henriksen's products equal happiness to me. They are all wonderful and highly effective. Ole puts natural ingredients into his luxurious formulations. And I dare you not to feel happy when looking at the jars, tubes and containers! They are all so brightly colored, like a magical rainbow in your bathroom. Also, everything smells heavenly! If happiness had a scent, it would smell like Ole's products.

So imagine my delight when I found out that I had won a prize for taking a survey that was on Ole Henriksen's Facebook page! I was so excited to get my prize since it was a surprise and I had no idea what I was getting. When my package arrived, ripped it open eagerly and squealed when I saw its contents!

Seriously awesome! Four FULL SIZE products all tucked into a useful travel bag. The contents were, On The Go Cleanser, New Beginning Scrub, Enlighten Me Serum and Skin Insulator with SPF 15. Wow! Thank you Ole!

I have been using everything for a month and am completely smitten with everything I received! In this post I will describe each product, my experience and the pros and cons. (The cons were few.)

The On The Go Cleanser ($21.00) is chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. It contains my beloved Vitamin C, which I am convinced is the superhero of skin care ingredients. I will buy anything that has Vitamin C in it and I have never been let down. It brightens and adds incredible luminosity to skin. I was super stoked about this cleanser! The gel feels so slick, unlike any cleanser I have ever used. Cushiony and dense, the cleanser lathers really well and is easy to rinse off. Oh and the smell! It is sweet and citrus, almost like an orange creamsicle but without the cloying sugar. It's crazy to think that a cleanser can improve your skin and I usually don't believe any of their claims outside of cleaning your skin. Cleansers are on your skin for at the most a minute before being rinsed down the drain. But this cleanser did something! Instantly my skin was softer and brighter. Over time, my skins texture changed dramatically and the new luminosity was constant.  If you are a devoted reader of my blog (thank you!) you know that I have been struggling with acne on my chin. My chin situation greatly improved in a month. While it is possible that my hormones returned to normal or one of the other products I was using at the time calmed my skin, I am giving full credit to this cleanser. I really think that in addition to the Vitamin C and the antioxidants, the non-drying formula kept my skin hydrated, reducing the oil on my face. There were no cons to this product, just a 100% positive experience. If you are new to Ole Henriksen I would highly suggest starting with this cleanser. Think of it as a gateway product. Once you try this you will be hooked.

The New Beginning Scrub ($24.00) smoothes, oxygenates and exfoliates to reveal a brighter complexion. Gentle enough for sensitive skin but effective enough for all skin types. The scrub contains Tea Tree Oil which is a natural purifier and helps keep your skin clear. Another star ingredient is Avocado Oil which is rich in vitamins and nutrients. I love a good scrub and this one did not disappoint. I used the scrub three times a week, in the morning, in place of the cleanser. It does feel extremely gentle in comparison to other scrubs I have used. The scrubbie bits are fine but work hard to polish away dead skin. I was left feeling smoother and on the days that I used the scrub I noticed that my serums and creams penetrated easier. Now for the cons....I am not sure about the oxygenating claim. Honestly I do not have a lot of experience with oxygenating products so I really was not sure what I was looking for here. Really not the products fault. I just needed more of an explanation of what benefits an oxygenating scrub provides so that I could look for results. Overall I love the scrub. Really you can't get much closer to scrub perfection than the New Beginning Scrub.

The Enlighten Me Serum ($48.00) was designed to even out skin tone and add luminosity with lactic acid, mulberry and lemon extracts. It can be used on all skin types and is meant to be applied before moisturizer nightly. Enlighten me also contains Vitamin C to stimulate collagen production. I am not sure why this should only be applied at night but I followed directions and only used it before heading to bed. I was really interested in this product since I have some tiny acne scars on my chin that just refuse to fade. The serum is runny in consistency and to apply it I rubbed two pumps between my palms and pressed them onto my skin. It does feel sticky immediately after applying, but sinks in quickly. Over the course of a month I am still undecided about it's performance. I am only about a quarter of the way through it so it's possible that I haven't given it enough time to really see results. It does smell lovely and is a pleasure to use, so I plan on continuing to use it until it is gone. The only con here is the runny texture and the tacky film it leaves. But like I said earlier, it's only sticky for a moment.

The Skin Insulator SPF 15 ($35.00)  is a really rich, thick cream formulated to quench even the driest of skin. Borage Seed and Grapeseed oils provide protection against the elements, Shea Butter deeply moisturizes, and Copper PCA repairs the skin. Since the cream contains SPF 15 I would only recommend using this during the day. Skin Insulator has a great light citrus scent, but the cream itself is not light at all. The first time I used it I had a really hard time massaging it into my skin. It was so dense that it didn't seem to want to absorb. Later, I was in the car, I pulled down my mirror to apply lip gloss and noticed that I had little white residue specks all over my face. Gasp! I walked around the entire morning like that! I REALLY wanted to like and use Skin Insulator so the next day I did some experimenting. I used my favorite face mist before applying the moisturizer and it made such a difference. It rubbed in with ease. And there were no white specks on my face. Ahhh. Relief. So cons, hard to spread. That could just be me though. Maybe drier skin types will drink this in eagerly. Pros....it does what it says. Great moisturizer, especially for chilly Baltimore weather.

Phew! That was a long post! In closing, I absolutely adore everything that I was sent. Even though I had some cons, I will continue to use everything because the good out weighs the bad big time. Big thanks and hugs to everyone at Ole who keeps my skin looking fantastic! And Ole, continue to be amazing and thank you for making products that fill me with such happiness!

Ole Henriksen's skin care line can be purchased online at olehenriksen.com. While you are there read the story behind Ole's success. It's very inspiring. Also, check out his blog for great skin care tips and interesting stories. Right now on the website there are lots of promotions, and you receive three samples with every order!

You should also check out his Facebook fan page. There are always chances for giveaways, you will get insider info on all of the latest promotions and Ole checks in to let you know what he's up to!

Have you ever tried any Ole Henriksen products? What is your favorite? What are you dying to try?


Anonymous said...

You know I love vitamin C too,, love the truth serum! Sad to hear the enlighten serum didnt product amazing effects....great review, you give the good and the bad :)

Kathleen Novak said...

I really think that I just need to give Enlighten Me more time. It is a great product! They are all great!

Abby Evans said...

I've had an interest in Ole Henrikson products in general recently, but especially Sheer Transformation!

Abby Talks

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