Saturday, November 5, 2011


My niece Frankie is staying over tonight adding a fourth child to the three children craziness that I have every day. Which is fine, since I love her to pieces.

With her being here it dawned on me that I have not explained the name of my blog. Frances Is A Beauty. There are a lot of people named Frances in my family, but it all started with one beautiful woman. Frances Carmichael was my Grandmother. I never got the chance to meet her but I am convinced that she is hands down THE most fashionable woman who ever walked the planet. She resembled Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe all in one women. I have this picture in my head, one that I saw as a young child. A picture that my mother swears she has but has yet to provide me with. When I got the idea for this blog, in my head it was that very picture. I wanted to use on it as the image on my blog, and I promise that once my mother finds it I will share it with you. In the picture, there is my Grandmother, sweet Frances, in a polka dot "bikini". You know the retro kind, all high rise briefs with a ruched tube top. Sitting on a boat, on her knees with her perfectly waved brunette hair looking incredibly fabulous. According to my mother and my sister, the woman never left the house without her signature coral lipstick. She was fabulous, always ready, a beauty. She has always inspired me, even though I have never met her, and my sister and I truly believe that her glamour skipped a generation and landed on us. My mother is so very beautiful, but she chose to be a more crunchy, hippy kind of beautiful. I can never remember my mother wearing makeup, and God Bless her for not needing it, she did however wear Chanel No.5. Which is what Grandmother wore. Which is what my sister and I wear. But oh my, my sister and I love makeup. We love looking our best at all times. I do have a bit more of my mother in me and will go without makeup for stretches, but deep down I feel it. Makeup makes me look and feel better and I have a passion for it.

Frances is not only my Grandmother's name but it is also my middle name. My niece Frankie, it's her full name, and my daughter Natalie, it's her middle name. My Grandmother was such a beautiful woman who really embodies to me what beauty is, so much so that my blog needed to be named after her. Even though I never met her, I have learned so much from her and her views on beauty.


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