Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baltimore Afrobeat Society!!

Look. I know that this is mainly a beauty blog and probably you are expecting to read about beauty related items when you come here. But, I am moved by so many other things. Music is one of them. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many talented musicians and I feel like I need to share that with you.

Right now, this very second, the Baltimore Afrobeat Society is hard at work entertaining people with their groovy jams (yes, I just said groovy jams, deal with it.) and I am incredibly sad that I can be there to dance my tushy off all night long listening to their awesomeness. My very talented friend Kristen Toedman is singing away right now as I type and I am longing for her voice. So, my sweet readers, you are in for a treat. Below you will find a video from 2008 performance. Why did I choose a video from 2008 you might ask? Well not only is Kristen there but one of the great loves of my life, Mrs.Abby Mott is there too. Please keep in mind that these lovely ladies I have mentioned both have their own totally fantastic solo careers and I encourage you to check them out. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. After watching the video, and fighting the urge to break a sweat dancing wherever you are standing, please take a peek at links below and listen to the music that they have made that makes my world so much better. You will discover something amazing and you will find them completely addicting. I warned you.

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This is the link to the amazing get your ass dancing Afrobeat Society video:

Here is the link to the stunning Abby:

Here is the link to Kristen's awesomeness:


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