Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Wrote A Dear John Letter to My Nail Polish

Dear Essie Merino Cool Nail Polish,

I love you and have been in love with you all year. Despite my love, every week I look to other polishes, thinking that I will replace you.  Because my beloved, you have grown stale, boring. I need to spice it up and find something else. Last week that happened. I had a magical moment in the drugstore with another polish. Please don't cry. It's called Scenstealer Grey and it is gorgeous. Plus it was only 99 cents. A much cheaper date than you considering your $8.00 price tag. I will always love you and keep a special place in my heart for you. Maybe I can visit you in a few months? 

Love always,


Okay in all seriousness I have been totally ADDICTED to Essie Merino Cool. It is the prettiest grey/beige/purple color. Looks awesome against my pale skin and I wear it all of the time. I did indeed find a new polish to love. NYC's "In a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish" in Scenestealer is beautiful. Steely grey with blue undertones just looking at my manicure makes me happy even though my nails are short and stubby. And seriously? 99 cents for nail polish is a no brainer. If it is horrible, there is no harm done. But this was like finding gold. Or a soul mate. I have found my nail polish soul mate. Please enjoy my pictures and be jealous of how rad my nails look.


Anonymous said...

Rad Indeed! Loving the blog, keep it up!

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