Friday, October 28, 2011

Lovely Skin is making my skin well....lovely

I love Facebook for many reasons. It helps me to stay connected to friends, talk to people who live out of state, network and promote my work. One of my favorite things about Facebook though are giveaways. It seems that it is the norm now for company's to promote their brand using giveaways. I am partial to beauty product prizes since it allows me to try brands/products I have never tried or find too expensive. I have won quite a few in the past few months and plan on sharing my reviews on all of them.

Today I am going to talk about a brand called Lovely Skin. To celebrate their 5000 fans they selected five Facebook fans randomly to receive a custom skincare kit. Well I was lucky enough to be one of those five fans. Aww yeah!

Lovely Skin is the signature line that Dr. Joel Schlessinger,a Nebraska based dermatologist, helped create and recommends to his patients. The line was formulated with AFAs, an amino-acid based antioxidant blend that uses the skin's natural moisture system. In addition to their own line, Lovely Skin carries a wide range of skin care brands and has a brick and mortar store located in Omaha, Nebraska that has over 7,000 products on the shelves!

I was super excited to win this prize and really it could not have come at a better time. For some reason, my skin has been misbehaving resulting in a strange cluster of tiny pimples on my chin. My skin has been oilier lately and my pores are really noticeable. Maybe it's because the weather is changing or maybe it's because I'm getting older. (NO!) Either way my skin was looking like a hot mess and I was hopeful that starting a new skin care regime would turn my skin around.

My prize consisted of Cleanser, Exfoliating Gel, Toner Spray and Sheer Moisturizer. The full size products were formulated to help combination skin that leans toward being oily and troubled.

The Gel Cleanser is a soap-free cleanser that contains acidfied amino acid and dead sea minerals. It claims to gently remove impurities, excess oil and makeup. The gel is clear and produces very minimal lather. So if you need lather or foam to feel clean this is not for you. I only need a dime size amount to cleanse my face and effectively remove makeup. I did not detect a scent and it rinsed off easily. When I toweled off, I didn't feel tight or dry and my skin literally looked better. Luminous. I love instant results, especially from something as simple as a cleanser.

Next up is the toner. The Toner-mist is pH adjusted to be compatible with all skin care products. The spray bottle it comes in is giant and feels like a luxury because it is so large. You can feel free to spray with abandon, it could last a while. It feels so refreshing and dries fairly quickly.

My favorite product from the line is the Gel-Mild. It promises with regular application, you will notice a pronounced improvement of your wrinkles, and a reduction in enlarged pores.Overall skin's look and texture will be improved. You are supposed to apply to your entire face then rinse off in two hours to determine if you are sensitive to it. Then, after figuring out your sensitivity level, you can wear it overnight if comfortable for you. I decided to skip the two hour test and just go all night. I figured it could only help the pimple party that was happening on my chin. It is liquid in texture and two pumps takes care of my whole face. I didn't feel it on, no stinging or burning and my face didn't look like a bright red nightmare in the morning so I figured my sensitivity risk was pretty low. During the day I used one pump only on the spot on my chin where I was experiencing pimples. It has only been three days, but there has been some serious improvement! I really think that in a few days the pimple party will move on.

Lastly, the Sheer Oil-Free Moisturizer. The super lightweight cream is supposed to effectively hydrate without causing breakouts. I was a little disappointed all around with this product. I love moisturizers and usually I can find something to love in all of them. But not this one. This is what I am thinking. It is probably an amazing product but just not suited for my skin type. I need more moisture, my cheeks and under eye area feel so tight all of the time and this moisturizer didn't cut it at all. It is oil-free and very thin, it was instantly absorbed into my skin. Even more disappointing was the tiny glass container that it comes in. I have had eye creams come in larger jars. At $35.00 a jar, I would have been heartbroken if I had purchased it. A mediocre moisturizer that is all wrong for my skin type in a teeny tiny jar. I will continue to use it during the day to give it a fair shot, but will go back to using my NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturizer at night. (heaven in a jar)

All in all I am pleased with what I received from Lovely Skin. The toner and exfoliating gel I can actually see needing to have at all times and will most likely repurchase. All of these products can be purchased online at

Has anyone else tried the line by Lovely Skin? I would love to hear your experience!


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