Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My thoughts on Courtney Stodden

I have been OBSESSED with all of the news surrounding Courtney Stodden. I first heard of her back in May on the radio and I had no idea who she was. Unfortunatley, I caught the end of the radio discussion about her so I was only able to gather that she didn't look her age, she was hot and she is an aspiring singer. So I did what any curious person with an internet connection would do. I turned to Google for answers. This was the first thing I found....

Oh. My. God. Were my first thoughts. My second thought was what the hell is this crazy thirty year old woman doing? Followed by, my that's a large glass, that poor dog and what a shitty song.

That day my obsession began. Who was this person and what was she thinking? Well just in case you are one of those people who refuses to watch news because it hurts your feelings, I will give you the short version. Back in May she married actor Doug Hutchinson in Vegas. Again, I had to turn to Google since I had no idea who this was. He is best known for his role as Percy in 1999's The Green Mile. The beautiful couple's wedding shots can be seen in the video below. She was sixteen at the time. WHAT?! SIXTEEN? I was just as horrified as you were. Apparently it is legal to marry at sixteen in Vegas as long as you have parental consent. The video below sums up the rest of the early story. A lot has happened since this originally aired.

Again. Oh. My. God. What is wrong with these people? 

In the past couple of months there have been more interviews and much more craziness. They were given their very own reality show. Of course they were. There have been plenty of provocative pictures. Courtney's Facebook page was taken down for being "too sexy". According to HER MOTHER (who is also her manager) the complaints were from women who were jealous because their husbands were logging on and looking at Courtney's sexy pictures. First of all, give me a break. Second of all gross! I pity any wife who's husband is looking at and drooling over sexy pictures of a seventeen (she had a birthday) year old girl. I feel like it is a cop out to blame harpy wives trying to cock block their horny husbands. Lame and predictable. Seriously you are this girl's mother. What the fuck are you up to? What are you doing to your daughter? Clearly Courtney has had plastic surgery and has been taught how to act like a complete hooker. 

Recently this child bride and her creepy hubby were kicked out of a pumpkin patch for being too sexy. Courtney was dressed in cut off jean shorts, a tied at the tummy flannel shirt and fucking fake leather white boots that would make any stripper proud. With her ass cheeks and clevege in full view of anyone who dared look in her direction, her and Doug made out everywhere. She straddled pumpkins. She straddled Doug. And wouldn't you know it, those harpy wives were at this pumpkin patch with their kids and husbands. According to Courtney and Doug, the kids thought she was the "Pumpkin Patch Princess" and the Dads, well they all thought she was hot and wanted to take pictures with her. But those damn wives and their jealousy were not having it and shut it down by complaining to management who had them removed from the pumpkin patch for being too sexy.

What I have said here is just the tip of the Stodden iceberg. There have been strange overtly sexual tweets from her. Too many sexy pictures to talk about in one post. Ridiculous interviews and youtube clips. Even Anderson Cooper has a lot to say about her. 

I am left with so many questions. How could her mother let this happen? There is a fine line between managing your daughters career as an aspiring singer and forcing (brainwashing?) your child to be a sexy stereotype. Courtney is a living, breathing stereotype of what women are "supposed to be". Be sexy, appeal to men in the worst way and you will go far. It's sad and as a mother myself I do not understand how a mother can encourage any of this. Marrying a man thirty-four years older, dressing like a sex pot, taking part in crazy, staged photos. All for what? A reality TV show deal? Letting the world ridicule and make fun of what you created (your overtly sexual daughter) and then claim that anyone who questions it is jealous.Courtney should be thinking about getting her driver's license, her upcoming math test or something regular high school girls think about. Not what tube top she should wear to talk to TV executives or writing her next bizarre sex tweet. Only time will tell what happens to this super weird (and hopefully a joke) May-December "romance". I guess we will have to tune into their show and wait for her tell all book in ten years, which I for one am anxiously awaiting. I want answers!

If you have any insight or comments, positive or negative I would love to hear them. Even better, if you happen to know young Courtney and can answer any of my questions, enlighten me! I am all ears! 


SaMMiE said...

That is just disturbing! LOL... I never really looked into this, seen it all over the news but didn't really care... I don't mind plastic surgery because I have breast implants, but this girl is 17 and has done so much to her face already! and the whole age difference is just WEIRD... She is also not a very good singer... LMAO... Thanks for sharing Kit!

Kathleen Novak said...

I am totally fine with plastic surgery as long as you are all finished growing up. :)

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