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Back To School Beauty

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With Labor Day behind us, it is that time of the year when some of us need to focus on the books. Going back to school means late nights up studying and waking up early to make it to class on time. Unfortunately, that hardcore schedule can leave our beauty routine in shambles. The time that we would spend primping is spent learning. And really, that's not a bad thing. But still, shortcuts and trusty products can help you look like you made an effort and in my opinion, absorbing all of that knowledge is a lot easier when you aren't worrying about what you look like. So sweet readers, here is a round up of back to school beauty essentials.

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How adorable is this compact?! Besides being the cutest thing in your makeup bag, this super soft powder will adsorb excess oil while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. The appropriately named brand for back to school products even added the slightest tint of pink that not only flatters most skin tones, but promises to brighten your complexion. Too Cool For School offers a slew of other delightfully charming, practical products, and Kollection K is one of my favorite places to shop. So if you have a spare minute between class and studying I suggest perusing the website!

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Sitting in a cramped classroom calls for a light, pretty fragrance. Adidas Natural Vitality for Women is perfect for close quarters and will help you to feel all fresh and clean. At first sniff you will detect juicy apple, orange and peach that mingles with effervescent ginger ale. As it melts into your skin, you will get a burst of refreshing watermelon and sensual shots of violet and rose geranium. Once it has dried down, the faintest hint of warm sandalwood and cozy musk is released, rounding out a perfume that smells as feminine as the gorgeous purple bottle that contains it.

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Personally, I cannot believe that this limited edition box is still available! It is such an awesome find and a treasure trove of useful back to school essentials! According to Birchbox the Head of the Class Box includes "a mix of tween-tested, Birchbox approved products." Curious to know what goodies you will receive? Check it yo....

  • Willa Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash and Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer
  • Sisco & Berluti Friendship Bracelets
  • Poppin Pink Small Soft Cover Notebook
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Dreamy
  • Color Club Nail Polish in Flamingo and Silverlake
  • An assortment of five select colors from Color Club's Sequin Nail Art Kit
  • Jane Tran Chrysanthemum Print Bobby Pin Set
  • Birchbox Custom Pouch

All for $28.00 you guys! That is a MIND BLOWING deal considering a tube of Stila Lip Glaze retails for $22.00 on their website. I don't know about you, but I am going to snap the Head of the Class box up immediately because it most likely won't last much longer!

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These are a backpack/makeup bag/purse STAPLE for sure. You never know when you might need to freshen up. And don't just limit use to your face. Think stink after working out, a late night pick-me-up, or I stayed out all night and have mascara on my cheek. You need this. Always. The super saturated wipes gently remove dirt, sweat and makeup with ease. They are all natural and bio-degradable. These awesome little wonders are serious multi-taskers too. Not only do the clean your face (or armpits) but they exfoliate, detoxify and rejuvenate your tired complexion. 

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e.l.f. Cosmetics has decluttered your vanity for you by putting all of your makeup essentials in one place. The Studio Makeup Clutch may look slim and sleek but it is jam packed with a whopping 32 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 eyebrow cream, 1 face shimmer, 6 lip colors, 1 eyebrow powder and includes 3 dual ended eye shadow applicators. Absolutely anything and everything you could ever need to create a pretty daytime look or a gorgeous night out face. Done and done. 

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Lip Smacker rocks! We all know that. Their lip balm is loved by all, and their Dr. Pepper version is one of my all time favorite products EVAH. I have loved it for too many years to count. I always have at least three in my house. YESSS. Of the Dr. Pepper version. It smells delicious, tastes good and give lips the most perfectly shiny hint of red tint. It is faint, but it is perfection and universally flattering. I have never met anyone who has owned it and ended up regretted it. 

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This is another one of my favorite products that I cannot live without. Imagine you missed your alarm, are late to class and your hair is gross. No time to shampoo and style. What do you do? Well, how about instead of throwing a temper tantrum you calm down and spritz your locks with Psssssst's Dry Shampoo Spray? It's magical you guys. All you do is take sections of your hair and kind of spray your roots to absorb oil and finish with an all over spray to eliminate odor. Your hair will smell good, look like it's freshly shampooed and bounce to class with more life than you can ever dream of having. Maybe you need to hit your pillow earlier.

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Speaking of going to bed earlier....

If you are having trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing, you are a ball of anxious energy or you hate counting sheep, try putting fragrance on your bed. Seriously. This Works has created a fragrance for your sheets that promises to calm your nerves, clear your busy mind and lull you to sleep. Simply spritz your pillow and blankies, lay down and Zzzzzzzz. The spray's formula is infused with essential oils of lavender, vetiver and wild chamomile or AKA, your ticket to dreamland.

So kids, what are some of your back to school beauty essentials? Do tell!


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