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The Boys Can Be Pretty Too!

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 So I don't know about the man in your life, but my man, not big on grooming products. He loves Anthony Logistics products but only uses a select few. Crows feet don't bother him, he uses Carmex for his chapped lips and he laughs at me when I suggest hand lotion for his haggered cuticles. He whines like a baby and flinches like I am going to slap him when I come towards him with tweezers. Apparently one unruly eyebrow sticking straight up in the air is not cause for alarm in his mind. Sometimes this bugs me. Like when I buy him something and it sits around collecting dust in our bathroom cabinet. Or when he has something that is bothering him. Like a pimple or dry feet, and he won't use the products I so kindly provide him with. I can't blame him though, and at the risk of making a sweeping general statement and lumping all men together, boys were just raised differently. They were brought up to be rough and tumble. Rugged. Like the Marlboro Man. And yes, I do realize that there are hoards of men out there who give a shit about their appearance. These gorgeous guys groom, get manicures and worry about scuffing their shoes. And hooray for them! But on the other hand....sometimes this could get a little out of control in my opinion.

I mean can you imagine your man asking to borrow your undereye concealer because he just looks SO TIRED! Or maybe he dips into your eyeliner stash because he wants to look extra edgy tonight when he goes out for beers with the guys. OR you walk into the bedroom, and to your horror, find him surrounded by your main/pedi goods with YOUR toe separators between his toes while blowing his nails dry?!

Yes this could all happen. And maybe it has to some of you. (If so please share your story.)

There is a middle ground though! Evolution Man is doing their part to help the ladies of the world hold on to their beauty products by offering men their own sophisticated line of grooming products. JUST FOR MEN!

You may be thinking that there are already a bevy of brands that cater to men and their grooming needs. It's not news. How is Evolution Man different? And if you are thinking that, I say....slow down Negative Nancy. These products are different.

Marco Berardini Image: Evolution Man

Founder and CEO Marco Berardini, (Just look at him! Gorgeous no?) is a world class hairstylist, groomer and makeup artist. In fact, he wrapped up 2011 as the personal hairstylist and makeup artist of the gorgeous Brittany Spears. Not too shabby. She always looks fab! Marco created Evolution Men with scientifically proven ingredients that are never tested on animals. The products are formulated using cutting-edge technology and are all packaged using recyclable materials.

His vision for the brand was a line of multi-use products that could streamline the grooming routines of men everywhere. By offering high-quality, modern skincare and grooming solutions, at reasonable prices.

The collection is great and contains many essentials for today's man. There is something for everyone. Stuff for the product newbie who knows he needs to take it up a notch in the grooming department. Or for the gentleman who loves skincare and products of all kinds. Who enjoys his grooming routine and looks forward to it daily.

Cleanse and Shave Image: Evolution Man
One of the stand outs in my opinion is the Cleanse and Shave dual action cleanser. This multi-tasker cleanses the skin and softens the beard. Plant derived exfoliators gently but effectively remove dead skin cells, which results in a closer shave. Antioxidant moisturizers stay on after rinsing to hydrate skin. This two-in-one product can be used as a non-foaming shaving cream before rinsing it off! Freaking genius right? Perfect for the lazy morning man.

Evolution Man also carries two concealers! Yes, concealers! One for under the eyes and one for blemishes. Brilliant. Seriously, who doesn't need a good concealer in their life? Men of the world, trust me. You need concealer in your life.

And then there are the nail varnishes. For men. Hmmmm.

Pure Bling Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Pure Bling Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Pure Bling is enriched with nail protien, calcium, and vitamins C and E. It is a quick drying, satin finish that helps stregthen nails.

Matte Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Matte Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Matte, which I think is rad, was made for the guy looking for a natural manicure. This nail varnish can be used as a nail protector or you can transform your favorite nail color from glossy to matte by swiping a top coat of this over any polish.

According to Evolution Man "You don't have to be in a band to rock these colors." The colored nail varnishes are so gorgeous! cool! (This is a line for men after all.)

Alter Ego Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Alter Ego Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Alter Ego is a flat magenta that appears a little matte to me. It could just be the picture though.

Stand Out Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Stand Out Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Stand Out is a sexy, smoky gray that I am so in love with. Something about it makes me think of a super hot, grungy rocker with yesterday's eyeliner still smudged on and a cigarette in his mouth. Sigh....

Pavement Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Pavement Nail Varnish Image: Evolution Man

Pavement is what I would like to catagorize as "office friendly polish for professional men". Just like women have their perfect, can't live without it, neutral shade for day, (I love OPI in Bubblebath), this is that essential polish for men.

All of Evolution Men's nail varnishes are vegan and cruelty free. They are also void of Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate.

The website is well done. In addition to shopping (duh) there is also a really informative ingredient list that goes through everything that could be contained in you Evolution Man product and what the benefits are of that ingredient. There is also a blog, tips on obtaining the perfect shave and how to use concealers and a list of retailers.

Overall I am seriously impressed with this line. It looks like Marco put a lot of thought and consideration into each product and really figured out what every man needs out of their grooming routine. I know that I could get the man in my life to use most of these products. The other "fancier" products (read: concealer, nail varnish), I will leave to the handsome gentleman of the world who pride themselves on their looks, enjoy products and understands how hard a girl can swoon over sexy gray nail varnish. (Maybe that's just me?)

So thoughts? Does your man have a grooming routine? Does he borrow your stuff? What is your favorite office neutral polish?

Most importantly....does smoky gray nail varnish turn you on?

Evolution Man products can be purchased at or at one of the many retailers that carry the brand. Also....check Evolution Man out on Facebook!


claudia castillo said...

i don't think D would sport the nail polishes, but the concealer---well---ive found it in the bathroom before so I know he has done it at least once. Hey, he cares about how he looks, so if he wants to cover a zit, its A-OK by me :)

Kathleen Novak said...

Oh I totally agree. Jay uses eye cream and a lot of fancy shaving creams and brushes. There is no way he would use the polishes, I am thinking about picking some of them up though!

Jessica said...

You're so right about the sexy grey nail polish! My guy would never, ever wear it, but I would! it looks so creamy and satisfying, and really cute on the short, round nails. Kinda tomboyish!

Kathleen Novak said...

Oh for sure. I have such an obsession with gray polishes. I would say that half of my polish collection is filled with them. Not a matte one though!


Thanks for the article - we are glad you like the polishes for yourselves! Jessica - the polishes are creamy, apply thickly (one coat may be enough!) and dry quickly. You WON'T be disappointed!

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