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Why Are You Not Using BLINC Mascara???

Seriously. Why are you not using it?

Let's talk about BLINC shall we?

Founded in 1999, BLINC has quickly made an international name for themselves with their innovative cosmetics. Their mission is simple, "To solve beauty problems by perfecting beauty products." According to their website, BLINC is carrying out their mission by "introducing safe and exceptional beauty products that redefine how they should be made, applied and perform."

Obtaining perfect beauty products is the ultimate quest isn't it? That is what we are all looking for. That one perfect beauty product that we can always rely on.

BLINC Mascara in Dark Blue
BLINC Eyeliner in Black
One of their best selling products is their innovative mascara. BLINC's mascara uses a "tubing" technology that forms tiny water resistant tubes around lashes instead of just painting them like conventional mascaras do. The company claims that their mascara does not run, smudge, flake, or clump when you rub your eyes, cry, or sweat. Your lashes will remain so intact and so beautiful that when you shuffle into the bathroom to wash your face at night, your mascara will still look freshly applied.

Freshly applied BLINC

Mascara is a staple for me. I can't live without it and I have been through so many brands and formulas. Usually I am disappointed but there are a few that I have steady relationships with. When I received my first BLINC mascara, I was excited to try out this fancy tubing technology. But I was also a little afraid. I was so used to regular mascara. Change can be hard folks, but it usually turns out to be awesome.

I have to admit, using BLINC's products is all about trial and error.You cannot treat these amazing products like you do your standard mascara. Let me fill you in on my number one tip....

When you are applying the mascara you have to be quick if you like multiple coats. After a minute or so the stuff sets and dries making additional coats impossible. Unless of course you strive to have lashes as gorgeous as Tammy Faye Baker.

Image: Epiclectic
So be fast. That is really the only tip you need to know about the mascara when it comes to applying it. The liquid liner, which I also adore, is easier because you don't need to be as strict with your time. I usually do two coats of the liner since I always mess up the first one and end up having to go over it to make it straight. But that's my issue. You might be a liquid eyeliner pro and knock a single line out with ease. No need for a second coat. To you I say....I'm jealous.

If you must know the eye shadow is Stila Cosmetics in Kitten
As far as performance goes, this stuff LASTS. Like seriously lasts. My first experience with BLINC's mascara was back in the middle of summer. Hot, muggy, humid, Baltimore summer. Never a smear. Not one smudge. Even when I forget on a daily basis that I am wearing makeup and rub my eye, BLINC's mascara never moved. It's pretty amazing. So yes, when I dragged myself into the bathroom to wash my face at night, BLINC's mascara was the only thing on my face that stood the test of time. My blush was gone, concealer long ago wore off, lipstick? Ha! Gone five minutes after I put it on. But my lashes still looked as good as they did when I first applied mascara. Lush, long and gorgeous.

Here is where I think folks get scared. The removal process. I have heard from so many people that they don't want to try BLINC for this reason only. In fact, I gifted my sister a tube months ago and recently I asked her what she thought. She told me she had not used it yet because she is scared that the tubes will rip out her eyelashes when she attempts to take the mascara off. Ugh. Fear not beauties! It's super simple I promise. I am going to guide you step by step. You can hold my hand if you want.

I would like to add that not only am I wearing BLINC's mascara here, but I am also wearing their budge proof liquid eyeliner. DOUBLE TROUBLE! Can I get it all off without loosing eyelashes or skin?

Good Lord! A Beauty Blogger with a terrible manicure! Gasp! Calm down. I do my nails on Sundays.
First I would just like to say that I am only using a pre-moistened cleansing cloth. No cleanser, water or makeup remover. Although, I have used all of these things during the removal process and have never had a problem removing the mascara. So right.... I took a pre-moistened cleansing cloth and gently rubbed my eye. The mascara comes off very easily without rubbing hard. All of the tubes are left in the cleansing cloth.

Here you can see the tiny tubes on my  skin and on the cloth.
And as you can tell by the pictures, my eyelashes are still in tact. Not only are they still intact, but they are clean. Along with my eyelid. No trace of mascara or eyeliner anywhere.

So again.... Why are you not using BLINC mascara? Don't you want your mascara to last all day? Don't you want to find that perfect product that will keep you pretty FOR ALL OF TIME?

While we are talking about forever I would just like to say this....

BLINC is the only mascara I will ever use for the rest of my life. So BLINC if you are reading this please make a note that I would like a heads up if you ever stop making this. I want to be able to purchase a life time supply before production stops. Thank you.

So....have you tried BLINC? How did you feel? Are you still scared? Can I answer any questions for you since I am clearly a pro?

I would just like to mention before I close this out that this post is dedicated to the oh so lovely Pink Sith. Mrs. Sith, dreams can come true. Tubing technology can be wiped off of your eyeballs as easily as windex off of a window. Do it! xo

BLINC Mascara ($25.00) and BLINC Eyeliner ($25.00) can be purchased at


Princess Naheeda said...

Ooh we have a 'tube' mascara over here, not sure about BLINC though. Always wanted to try it out but was weary about taking it off! You've just made it look easy peasy xxxx

Kathleen Novak said...

It is SO easy! You should check out BLINC's website. I bet they ship internationally. Or one of your beauty shops there must carry it. What tube mascara brands do you have over there?

Elvira PinkSith said...

AWESOME REVIEW!! You did an excellent job explaining everything! I loved it. OK. I think I'm gonna have to try this mascara now....although I was still nervous about removal, you have shown me that even a lummox like me might be able to remove this with little to no damage to my eyelashes.

Lauren ♥ said...

Not a fan of BLINC, sorry. I tried it a few years ago and yes, it was fun, and yes, it lasted, but there was none of the other benefits of a mascara. It literally only coated my lashes - no lengthening, curling, plumping, defining - just my lashs but darker. So a no go for me!

~ Lauren <3

Kathleen Novak said...

I think mascara is such a personal thing. It all boils down to what you start with. Lucky for me, I was blessed with long lashes. No volume but they are long. So BLINC works well for me when doing an everyday look. Making what I have look better is the daily goal. Gorgeous and sultry night on the town lashes are still achieved with falsies! :) Thanks for the read!

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