Saturday, January 21, 2012

Someone Else Loves Tom Ford As Much As I Do!

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Oh my. Do I even need to tell you how loud I shrieked when I found this blog? No? Right I didn't think I would. I DIED when I found this blog! Literally! Well, not literally, but you get my drift about how thrilled I was.

I don't think that I am the only person in the world smitten with Tom Ford. In fact, I know there are thousands, if not millions of people who adore his work. But I do think that it is rare to find a fan, a down to earth, real person who follows Ford in the real world. I have never come across anyone who has shared my love.

Until recently....

The fan that I found not only admires him as much as I do, but she authors a blog dedicated to him. Full Time.

Full Time Ford that is. The lovely woman behind the blog shall remain nameless since I could not easily find her name. But I did find out that in addition to Full Time Ford, she runs another blog called Beautifully Invisible. She states on that blog that she chooses to remain anonymous so I guess my laziness wasn't the reason why I couldn't find her name anywhere. Phew.

I'm getting off track here. TOM FORD. ALL OF THE TIME. FREQUENTLY!

The blog is gorgeous and filled with beautiful pictures, informative articles, and news regarding Mr. Ford. It is clever and impeccably executed. Miss Full Time Ford posts multiple times a week, which I love since I can read and learn things while I obsess. (I'm not crazy.) I truly think that Tom Ford would be thrilled to see an entire blog dedicated to him. Because the man is deliciously vain. And I love it!

The time that it must take to keep up with all things Ford must be exhausting and I really want to say thank you to this mystery woman. You have made me incredibly happy. I love that there is a place where I can go and read only about Tom Ford. A place to drool over his fashion and beauty offerings. A place where I can count on finding new and fresh updates. Your awesome blog is always there and always filled to the brim with Ford.  Thank you so SO much!

Please sweet readers.... Take a peek at Full Time Ford. Leave her comments to tell her how fabulous she is! Leave me comments to tell me how fabulous I am. Huh? Oh whoops. Probably should have left that out.*

*Do it anyway!


claudia C. said...

LOL love this, you're too funny Kit!

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