Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Discover NouriShea

You may have never heard of the brand before. I know I never had the pleasure of viewing their all natural product line until a few days ago. I am so glad that I found them though! Let me introduce you....Sweet Reader, meet NouriShea....

NouriShea's green products contain 100% USDA Certified Organic Shea Butter and all natural essential oils.

In 2007 NouriShea's founder, Victoria Francis began experimenting with Raw West African Shea Butter. She was on a quest to find the perfect formula to help heal her children's skin issues. Months later, Victoria succeeded and created what is now the NouriShea line of products.

Today I received a sample of NouriShea's Mango Shea Body Creme. Literally like four hours ago the UPS man (person, let's be PC here) dropped it off on my doorstep. I could absolutely not wait until tomorrow to talk about how indulgent this creme is!

My sample was a .25 oz size. So adorable!!

First, I want to touch on the ingredient list because,'s so easy to read! Refreshing!! I won't list everything but, Shea Butter (duh), Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Seed Oil and Aloe. All super moisturizing things there folks!

It was really hard to capture how light and creamy this is.

Let's talk about the smell. It is Mango scented, very true Mango. Not overpowering or cloying. It's lovely. Actually, I would forget that I had it on then tuck my hair behind my ear or put on chapstick and catch a whiff of it's delicate mangoness. Mangoness? That's right. I just made up a word. I mean the scent is so gorgeous that it deserves it's own word.

The perfect formula right before being rubbed into my hands.

Now formula. It's soothing and ultra-moisturizing. The creme is rich and dense but light and airy at the same time. How is this even possible? Magic? I don't care. It is what it is and I LOVE IT! Mango Body Creme seems a little greasy upon application but do not be alarmed! It quickly sinks in leaving your hands unbelievably soft, not slimy.

So overall, this stuff blew my mind. I will most definitely purchase a full (the biggest!) size of this creme. Which comes in two sizes. A 2oz size that retails for $20.00 and a 4oz size which retails for $29.00.

In addition to my new favorite body creme, the NouriShea collection includes decadent Shea Butter products for your hair, body and skin. Currently, they are encouraging their customers and fans to let Sephora know how much they love NouriShea's awesome products. If enough people sing their praises, maybe one day we will see the brand carried in Sephora stores. They absolutely deserve to be! So if you end up trying out NouriShea, and fall in love like I know you will, let Sephora know. Facebook, email, hand written letter scented with your perfume, whatever. Just get the word out!

NouriShea's products can be purchased at, check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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