Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello My Name Is Kit and I Am Addicted To Lip Balms

Yeah that's right. I am addicted to lip balms, lip glosses, stains, lip sticks....Really anything I can slather on my mouth that moisturizes my lips. I always have something on my person, in my purse, next to me on my desk and in my car. Wherever I am, there will always be lip stuff. If for some reason there is nothing around to apply to my lips obsessively, I freak out and can feel my lips shriveling. It's a sickness, I know. The weird thing is that I never finish any of the lip products I start. I always lose them, or one of my daughters rummages one out of my purse and smooshes it all over their lips then asks "Don't I look pretty"? Or one of the dogs finds one and eats it. Whatever. I never finish it.

I have a favorite brand that provides me with every lip product I need to survive and they have never failed me. Burt's Bees makes the best balm hands down. I have been smitten with their original Beeswax Lip Balm for as long as I can remember. It's minty and refreshing, moisturizing and all natural so I know I am not doing any harm by coating my lips with it every ten minutes.

A few weeks ago I discovered that Burt's Bees came out with a ultra moisturizing lip balm in six shades called Tinted Lip Balm. Intrigued, I waltzed into my local Rite Aid to pick one up. I had done some research to help me pick just the right color since I didn't want to have to stand in the store pondering which one I should buy. (I'm impatient) I had read a post on another beauty blog that recommended the Honeysuckle color so I grabbed that one and left the store. I ripped open the package IN THE CAR (yes I am a nut) and applied it to my lips like the addict I am. The formula feels so awesome. Creamy and buttery is the best way to describe it. No minty tingle like the original Beeswax Balm but I didn't care since my lips had never felt so moisturized before. I was excited to see what the color looked like. I pulled my visor mirror down and took a look at myself. GASP!

Now I should note that the review I read said that Honeysuckle was a gorgeous nude with a slight tint or salmon in it. She said it looked like "her lips but better". That sounded good to me. On me it looked like, well it looked horrible. It made me look dead. Maybe it was too close to my skin color or maybe I'm just biased because I hate nude lip shades. I shy away from lip colors with names like caramel and nutshell or whatever brown thing it is alluding to. Berry and rouge are more my style. So I grabbed my receipt and the product and stomped back into the store. (Remember I was still in the parking lot taking my lip balm hit in the car).

The fantastic thing about Rite Aid is that they will return or exchange any beauty item if you hate it. No questions asked. The lovely woman behind the register looked at me like I was a crazy person as I explained to her that I need to exchange the balm I bought two minutes ago because it made me look like I was dying. I dismissed her dirty looks, I was on a mission. So I walked back to the Burt's Bees display and scrutinized the other colors. After about five minutes of hard decision making I went with Red Dahlia.

I left the store and actually drove home this time to apply the new color. Lucky for me this color was PERFECT. Same creamy amazing formula, but the color is a very light, subtle red. So subtle that you don't need a mirror to apply which is a plus in my book.

I would highly recommend this balm to anyone looking for something new or to addicts like me who really don't NEED something new but just can't say no to a fabulous lip product.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm retails for $7.00 and can be purchased at
Or Rite Aid if you have one near you. :)

I will NOT lose this one!


Anonymous said...

I read this as I apply lip balm.....over and over....and over

Lash said...

Self proclaimed balmaholic right here! You are not alone! :)

Kathleen Novak said...

Guys I am so glad I am not alone with my addiction! Maybe we should start a lip balm anonymous! YES! We could share lip stories and drool over each others lippy finds! Long live LBA!! (Lip Balm Anonymous)

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