Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last Call!

Wow! I cannot believe that it's Sunday already! If you have been paying attention this week, you would know that today is the last day of my week long blog reopening celebration. It has been such a fantastic week. I want to take a moment to say hello to all of my new ride or dies! I am so happy to have you on board, and hope that you will continue to stop by after this week is over. 

I also want to give a shot out to Lisa who is the brains and beauty behind For Goodness Grape. Lisa, I am so grateful for your support, and hope that our partnership doesn't end here! Thank you so much for everything. Oh....and....For Goodness Grape is a phenomenal brand! I will continue to tell everyone I know and meet about how amazing you and your products are!

Okay. Now that I have given my speech, let's get to today's review and grand prize giveaway!

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For my final For Goodness Grape review I will be talking about a lip balm from a line called

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The Lip Balm Queen line is full of specialty lip balms that are all handmade by Lisa. Their purpose? To pamper you by giving you The Royal Treatment. Lisa uses her most fancy recipe that is made up of incredibly hydrating butters and high end oils. 

Only the best for your lips. Right princess?

Who Is The Lip Balm Queen?

That is a great question! 

The answer? Lisa obviously! Duh. 

Here is what the Queen has to say on her website about The Lip Balm Queen:

"The Lip Balm Queen is here to spoil you with The Royal Treatment and pamper the princess in all of us."
Sounds good to me!

After perusing the flavor/scent options I decided to go with Coconut Cake. I can never have enough coconut in my life. EVER.

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The creation of my tube Coconut Cake lip balm begins with Chamomile Butter that is then combined with Palm Oil and Murumuru Butter. 

Hydrating Murumuru Butter contains a huge amount of fatty acids and Vitamin A. These help to restore elasticity in damaged and/or aging skin. 

Next, Apricot Kernel Oil and Shea Butter Oil are added to help my tube of Coconut Cake give my lips a beautiful shiny gloss.

Last, my gorgeous tube of lip balm is finished off by adding Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is an amazing natural source of Vitamin A and E. Sea Buckthorn berries are second only to Rose Hips and Acerola in Vitamin C content. 

Mmmmm....Coconut Cake.
I am loving my Coconut Cake balm! It smells good and is oh so moisturizing! Since receiving it, the tube has been living in my makeup bag and traveling everywhere with me. In addition to using as a lip balm, I have been massaging it into my cuticles as well. The Lip Balm Queen's Coconut Cake Lip Balm is going above and beyond the call of duty!

This princess is feeling very pampered. 

So, I bet you guys are all dying to know what the prize is for today's giveaway huh? Right now is the moment you have been waiting for all week! 

Day #7's Grand Prize Giveaway!! 

Before I get to the Rafflecopter, I want to give you the skinny on today's prize. The lucky winner of the Grand Prize Giveaway will be spoiled with The Princess Treatment!

What is The Princess Treatment? Go ahead and read For Goodness Grape's description of The Princess Treatment below. 

Fit for the princess in all of us!

Create your own signature lip balm flavors by combining any two or three flavors from my extensive collection ~

The Princess Treatment comes with 3 custom flavored lip balms so tell me which flavors you want to combine for each of the 3 lip balms you're creating in the note to seller section.

Lip Balm 1 - (flavor combination 1 - choose 2 or 3 flavors to blend and the name for label)
Lip Balm 2 - (flavor combination 2 - choose 2 or 3 flavors to blend and the name for label)
Lip Balm 3 - (flavor combination 3 - choose 2 or 3 flavors to blend and the name for label)

Then tell me what you want to name each lip balm you've created so that I can design your very own custom labels as well!

These flavor choices will be custom blended into my super moisturizing proprietary lip balm base. 

Please allow 7-14 days for processing and shipment of your order. 

Thank you for your order your Majesty and be prepared for The Royal Treatment :)

Please convo me with any questions....The Queen is In

Awesome right?! The possibilities are endless to the winner of the Grand Prize!

What are you waiting for?! ENTER NOW! 

I have had such a great time with you guys this week! I really am on cloud nine, and I am not interested in stepping off any time soon! So I decided to keep the party going! As a thank you to all of you gorgeous people, I am keeping the Grand Prize Giveaway open and running until this Tuesday, July 9th. You will get more time to spread the word. More time to enter! More entries for you! 


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ForGoodnessGrape said...

Thank you Kit for an amazing week of reviews and giveaways! You are a very talented and gifted writer. It's been my pleasure working with you on this event and I'm certain we'll do it again <3 Lisa

Claudia_csn said...

I partied all week long! I love everyone you do kit. You show me new brands I'd never k ow about which is always awesome and entertaining!

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