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Detox Your Skin

Ahoy! Happy Saturday, welcome to Day #6! 

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I am really excited about the product that I'm sharing with you guys today! I was totally amazed by it's effectiveness, cuteness and affordability. Huh? What is it? Keep reading!

Detox Soap
If you have been paying attention to me since I became a public figure, (I'm really not) you would know that I truly adore skincare products. I am obsessed with them. I am passionate about them. I love the stories behind the product and the science behind the formula. I feverishly devour the beautiful stories used to market the exquisite creams, serums and scrubs. I feed into and believe the grandiose claims that ignite hope in consumers and fuel the skincare industry. But, I would have to say that actually seeing those lofty claims actually deliver is one of my most favorite things. 

In addition to the creation and marketing of skincare products, I really enjoy using these products. There is something so soothing about a skincare routine to me. The posh feel of the potions and creams. How the act of applying the miracle concoctions instantly relaxes and creates beauty. It's a true luxury. I liken it to exercise, while going through the motions you know that you are doing something beneficial for yourself, and you also know that if you continue with the regime  your results will only get better. Since I hate exercise, and have never been motivated to do it regularly  a skincare routine is the next best thing. I may be physically out of shape and super unhealthy, but you will gasp out loud at how beautiful my skin is! 

For Goodness Grape has indulged my skincare passion with their Detox Soap.  


First, give yourself a second to take in the cuteness that is the Detox Soap's label.

Polka Dots!
I was devastated when I opened the tin and destroyed the super sweet polka dot tape. But, I quickly recovered because I had more cuteness in store for me....

The cuteness continues!

I mean seriously. ADORABLE

Behold....Detox Soap!
For Goodness Grape's Detox Soap contains three detoxifying agent

Dead Sea Black Mud
Dead Sea Black Mud is made up of sedimentary clay that is formed over thousands of years. Looking deeper into the properties of the mud you will find that it is packed full of minerals that are super beneficial to your skin. Dead Sea Mud has been known to increase blood circulation and maintain healthy skin cells by forming and repairing new skin cells. Throughout the mud, there are very fine mud grains that help achieve the detoxification goal by gently exfoliating or turning over skin cells. It effectively removes makeup, dirt, oil and pollutants from the skin's surface without over drying. Dead Sea Black Mud also has natural moisturizers within it's contents and therefore helps maintain a healthy hydration level for your skin.

Activated Charcoal
Active Charcoal is a wonderful ingredient to have working for you! It makes it their business to search out and attract all of the unwelcome impurities and toxins hanging out on your skin, then tells them to get the F#&% out. This amazing ingredient can also buffer dry patches and is widely known to be the one ingredient that has the ability to absorb more poisons than any other substance. It's hardcore you guys. I would't want to run into it alone in a dark alley.. 

Wheat Germ Oil  
Wheat Germ Oil douses your skin in moisture, and is really good at assisting in the healing of skin while preventing future unfortunate skin conditions. This gem of an ingredient contains high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants make Wheat Germ Oil a potent weapon to use against free radical damage. While fighting the good fight against free radical damage, Wheat Germ Oil also acts as a nurse by repairing the skin cells that have been damaged by the sun, pollution or just livin' dirty. Yes....livin' unhealthy diet, lack of exercise (ugh) or not enough beauty sleep can wreck havoc on your skin. It's okay, finish your second doughnut. You can change you ways after you eat it. 

Super Important Side View.
In addition to those three ingredient heavy weights, Detox Soap has an aloe glycerin base and a touch of olive oil for superior hydration. Worried about putting something with olive oil on your face? Don't get me started on the benefits of using oil on your skin. The rumors are FALSE! Do your research honey.

Rounding out the top notch ingredients is the soaps delicate fragrance thanks to a delightful essential oil blend of lemon, pink grapefruit and sweet fennel. 

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So what did I think about this glorious soap? Well, I loved it! The soap lathers really well, (I'm a lather fan) and rinses off easily. It smells amazing but isn't overpowering. And after rinsing and drying my face off, my skin looked like it does when I think of gorgeous skin. It looked clean, matte, and all glowy. Like I had been Photoshopped. The tin packaging can be kinda tricky, and  resulting in me coming up with a system for storing the soap. You really do need to make sure that the bar of soap is 100% dry before placing it in the tin and closing the top. The problem with wet soap is that the moisture quickly breaks the bar down, and as a result your soap doesn't last as long as it should. So my simple system is, after using the soap I set it on a soap dish housed on a shelf in my bathroom. I don't use the tin to store the bar anymore. I have kept it however, because it's lovely, and it is very possible that my dream of Ryan Gossling showing up at my house to whisk me away on some exotic vacation could come true at any minute. The tin will be perfect at protecting my beloved Detox Soap during our travels. 

Also, Detox Soap costs $6.75! If you don't understand how truly special that is, go ahead and do a Google search for bar soap containing these ingredients. I dare you to find one that compares in ingredients, effectiveness and price. 

Get this soap. You will have pretty skin. Pinky swear!

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Jen Sky Walker said...

I love things that are creative. I enjoy posts featuring nail art since mine sucks or featuring unusual (but good) uses for beauty products. If you know of a product that can be used for more than the original intended purpose, I'd love to read about it!

Sampler Village said...

Giveaways are always fun and everyone loves to win something :) I like seeing product reviews and items or craft projects that you enjoy :)

Kriss Morton said...

The blog is GORGEOUS! I love how it looks! I just ordered this soap a couple days ago and now I am REALLY excited for it to get here! Along with my Elvis lip balm... with BACON!

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