Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm Back! how long has it been since I disappeared? Roughly a year? Hmmm?

Thinking? Drunk? Trying to master liquid eyeliner? Choose your own caption yo.

I needed a break you guys! The last year of my life has been trying at best. 

I know that since my break and the disappearance that followed was unannounced, a lot of you were wondering what the hell happened to me. Over my "quiet" year, I had so many emails from friends and fans checking in, asking how I was, pleading for confirmations that I still existed. Unfortunately, even though they were appreciated, most of those emails went unanswered. I burned a lot of bridges. I just wasn't ready and I am sorry for all of those emails that I never sent. I am sorry for all of those burnt bridges.

Here is the thing....I do want to tell everyone what happened to me. Really bad. But, I'm still not ready. There is good news though. I know that one day I will be able to lay it all out here for you. I even have an idea called "The Real Talk Bro" series. (Name may change.) I would love to do a kind of chapter book series about what I went through. I'm just not there yet. Baby steps you guys.

The bottom line is that I am back, Frances Is A Beauty is back, and I missed all of you tremendously! Things are better than ever! 

Let's call this the Grand Reopening of Frances Is A Beauty! YAY!!

So, for my blog reopening I have some fun stuff planned! I have teamed up with Lisa who is the mastermind behind For Goodness Grape to celebrate this huge occasion with a week long blog extravaganza! The party is going to start next week. Monday July 1st to be exact.

All who join me can expect fun posts, new information about me and my life, introductions to amazing sites and brands, and best of all, a giveaway EVERYDAY! The cherry on this super awesome week will be a huge GRAND PRIZE giveaway on Sunday July 7th for all of my ride or die friends and followers who spend the week partying with me!

So mark your calenders and tell your friends. This is happening. I am happening. Frances Is A Beauty is happening. I am super stoked to get reacquainted with everyone again, see some old faces and talk about stuff. 

Visit my brand spanking new Facebook page to RSVP to my super swanky (not really) event you guys! Can't wait to see your gorgeous faces on Monday! 



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