Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fabulous Saturday Morning News!!

Hello and Good Morning!

I was weeding through my email this morning and stumbled upon fantastic news. Which made me immediately think of you! And I rushed over her and started typing furiously. All because I love you! And, because I love and M.A.D. Skincare!!

If you aren't familiar with then stop reading this and just GO!

Sneakpeeq is an amazing place that hosts super generous sales on the coolest brands! Also, you can earn badges and other price reducing rewards just by browsing the site. is also a social network site that feeds off of Facebook. You can leave comments, share things with your homies, and earn more awesome awards and perks just by being active on the site! It's totally free and totally awesome!

So the email that I received from sneakpeeq this morning informed me that they are having a sale on M.A.D. Skincare today!! Hooray!!!

I just recently discovered M.A.D. Skincare and am currently working on a few things with them. The products in this luxury skincare collection are packed with nourishing botanicals and tea extracts. The products are broken down into very specific categories which address all skincare concerns. 

While I can't tell you much about my experience because it is still in the works, (and I don't want to ruin the surprise!) I will tell you this. If you miss out on this sale you will REGRET IT! The sale is that good.

For example:
This super awesome Brightening Mask retails for $28.00. By joining sneakpeeq (for free!) and purchasing through their sale, you can score this face saving mask for a mere $9.00.

$9.00! YOU GUYS! THAT IS A SAVINGS OF $19.00!!

Why are you still here??!! 

GO NOW!!! 


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