Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty Swag For Your Momma: Part Two


Miss me? Have you been super excited all day long just dying to know what swaggy gifts I' going to feature in Part Two? The hours were long today weren't they? Soooooo loooong!

But here we are! It's just you, me and my last Mother's Day gift idea.

So pay attention slacker so you can buy a gift that makes your Momma feel like the special lady she is this Mother's Day! 

Oh....right. And there is a really awesome surprise for you at the end of this post!

Part Two is ON!!! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, my final Mother's Day gift suggestion for you. 

Theme Fragrance
Perfume Oil and Body Butter Set in Sarong, $24.00
Available in multiple scents and there are sets with Perfume Sprays instead of Oil.

Before Theme Fragrance was born, creator and owner Elizabeth Morrison was frustrated and bored with the perfumes she found in stores. Most of them were endorsed by celebrities, yawn, and every single one of them smelled the same. She was desperate to find a place where she could find unique perfumes for individuals, instead of mass produced perfume clones for the masses. Unable to scratch her itch, Elizabeth started to make her own. 

Her wildly popular collection of scents have been featured in multiple glossy magazines like Bride'sFrench Glamour, and Life and Style

In addition to the huge array of perfume oils and sprays the brand offers, you will also find candles, lip balms and tints, and occasionally themed collections. 

Theme Fragrance also carries a Perfume Oil (or Perfume Spray) and Body Butter gift set in a small selection of scents the brand offers. My pick is Theme's best selling scent, Sarong.

Perfume Oil and Body Butter Gift Set
Sarong scent description from

"Luscious creme de coconut, White Vanilla Sand, and Night Blooming Flowers."

Mmmmmmm....I like it! Sounds all sweet and beachy to me. 

The gift set includes a 5 ml perfume oil or a 15 ml concentrated perfume spray and a 5 oz rich body butter. The non-greasy cream is laced with a touch of fragrance and loaded with beneficial ingredients. Really good for you stuff like Shea Butter, Green Tea Extract, and my favorite beauty product ingredient, Vitamin C.

I seriously doubt you could find a gift set containing such high quality products, in insanely gorgeous packaging, and in so many scent options for $24.00. Am I right?

To make the deal even sweeter, Theme Fragrance will wrap your Momma's gift for you and supply you with a gift card. FOR FREE! All you have to do is ask for it in the "special instructions' box when checking out.

Nope. Still not inspired? Wow. You are one stubborn cookie. Your poor Mother.

Well, maybe this will start your gift shopping engines....

Theme Fragrance was feeling generous and wanted to give something special to my readers! From May 6, 2012 to May 12, 2012, all Frances Is A Beauty fans will receive 10% off their entire purchase by entering frances10 during the checkout process. 

Dude, come on! We are making this so easy for you! It's the perfect gift for your Mom, wrapped and sent with a card, at a fantastic regular price that is made even better after using a 10% discount code!

What are you waiting for? Go now! 

Theme Fragrance can be purchased through their website, and in their Etsy Store. Please keep in mind when browsing that the coupon code for Frances Is A Beauty readers is only valid for use on the company's website and not in the Etsy Store.

You should also like their Facebook page, and follow them on Tumblr and Twitter.

So kids....what are you going to do for your Mom? Do you have any awesome Mother's Day gift ideas to share with us? What do you want for Mother's Day?

Big thanks to Theme Fragrance for sharing the discount offer!

Sweet Readers, I will be back soon. I have so many exciting things in store for you! Make sure you never miss a thing from me by subscribing to Frances Is A Beauty with your email. The subscription box can be located on the right hand side of my blog. Thanks!!



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