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Etsy Pick of the Week, Baltimore Edition, Volume 2

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Are you ready for my Etsy Pick of the Week? Grab a snack, kick back, and relax.

This week, the second Baltimore edition, I would like to introduce you to Becca and Mars.

The brand's philosophy is "Have fun, relax, feel good. Treat yourself or someone you love". 

I can get down with that!

Becca and Mars started a few years ago among friends with similar interests. The group took their love of natural beauty and combined it with their knowledge and passion for aromatherapy, formed a plan, and started handcrafting gifts for friends and family. Their creations were adored by all who were lucky enough to receive them, and eventually the demand for their beauty products became so large that they decided to develop their own line of bath and body products using 100% natural ingredients. Becca and Mars products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and then packaged in recycled materials. The goal of the brand is to make products to help you look and feel your best. Honestly who doesn't want a little help when it comes to that?

Winter Night Collection
I was sent three products to try. Two from the Winter Night Bath and Body Collection and one from their Mask and Scrub Collection

When I read the fragrance description for Winter Night I knew I would fall in love with it. I love warm spicy fragrances and this one was exactly what I was hoping for. Imagine a chilly night, you are sitting near a fire, sipping warm chai tea....No wait! Even better.... it smells like Christmas. Yes. That is what Winter Night smells like. Cozy and toasty with warming spices of clove and ginger blended with winter citruses orange, lemon and bergmont. It is gorgeous and perfect.

Winter Night Bath Oil
This fragrant oil is formulated with rice bran oil to soften and nourish the skin. The comforting smell of Winter Night surrounds you and soothes your mind and body. I have been using a few capfuls in my toddlers bath at night and it really works well at leaving her skin hydrated after toweling off. The oil has been great for moisturizing my cuticles, and has come in handy when I treat my husband to a back massage. In fact, this was the only oil I have used for massages that he has not complained about the smell. So bonus points there! I love this oil and am really happy that I found so many ways to use it. The only thing I would change about it is the packaging. I love the amber hued bottle but pouring the oil out can get a little messy. Adding a pump would make dispensing much easier. 

Winter Night Hand Candy Sugar Scrub
Yes you read that price right! $9.50 for a whopping 8oz jar of this delightful scrub! Becca and Mars Hand Candy Sugar Scrub Collection was inspired by the owner's small children. Small children mean germs and grime. And these germ nervous mamas wash their grimy hands (and their children's) frequently. They found themselves wanting a product that would effectively clean their hands without drying out their skin. Enter Hand Candy Sugar Scrub.

This was hands down the most unique scrub I have ever experienced. The exfoliator is obviously sugar and it is part of what makes this scrub different from other sugar scrubs I have used. I have no idea how Becca and Mars make this magic happen, but the texture of the sugar is like the fluffiest, softest snow you have ever touched. The sugar is super fine and totally non-abrasive. The second thing that makes this scrub stand apart from others is the fact that you cannot see or feel any oil at all. But oil is what makes up half of the scrub. Apricot Oil moisturizes and essential oils add the warm Winter Night fragrance. It's amazing to see. I really think that if I turned my jar upside down the tiny particles of sugar would just pour out. The sugar particles don't stick together or harden up like the sugar does in any other scrub I have used. It's mind blowing!

I have been using the scrub on my hands since receiving it and it really has made a difference in how my hands look and feel. I no longer find myself running to find hand lotion after washing my hands, and scrubbing down before a manicure makes the polish look a thousand times better. You can also use this on your body (which I have been doing as well) and the results are the same. Smooth, glowing, hydrated skin without irritation. Also, you don't look like you coated yourself in Crisco. Crisco glow is never a good look.

Winter Night Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend
I should mention while I am talking about the Winter Night Collection that the last product in the trio is the Winter Night Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend. While I did not try this product I can tell you that it contains the same essential oils as the other products and therefore  smells exactly like the other Winter Night potions.  I am going to guess that this is the essential oil blend that Becca and Mars uses to infuse the Bath Oil and Hand Candy Sugar Scrub with the wonderful Winter Night fragrance. Ginger and clove essential oils are used for warming and anchoring, and the citrus essential oils are uplifting. You cannot apply this undiluted to your skin, but there are plenty of ways you can use it! Add twenty drops to a teaspoon of milk or oil and pour into a steamy hot bath. Or add ten or so drops to your favorite fragrance diffuser. I think I will purchase the Aromatherapy Blend for this reason alone. I use a diffuser every day to fragrance my home and I cannot think of a better "home" smell than Winter Night.

The last product I am going to talk about before I get to the interview is....

Lavender Love Mask And Scrub $10.00/4oz and $18.00/8oz

Lavender Love Mask and Scrub
The Lavender Love Mask and Scrub is a multi-tasking miracle formulated with cornmeal and almond meal to provide gentle exfoliation, and Becca and Mars' pure essential oil blend to revitalize skin and clear your mind. It smells heavenly. The lavender smell is not at all artificial (I really hate artificial lavender smells!) and it is so calming. The scrub is dry and grainy, and by adding the liquid of your choice, the product can be tailored to meet the needs of your skin type.

Combination/Oily/Sensitive Skin should use milk, yogurt or water.

Mature Skin benefits from using honey or carrot juice.

Dry Skin will turn into hydrated skin by using olive oil, cream or honey.

Using Lavender Love is simple and could easily be used either in the shower or at your bathroom sink. I have been pouring about a tablespoon of the grains into my palm and slowly adding water to it to create a creamy paste. Then, I apply it to my slightly dampened skin and massage the scrub around in soft, circular motions. Now here is where you need to make the choice about if you want to continue on to use the scrub as a mask. If the scrub was enough for you then simply rinse your face with warm water. To use as a mask, after scrubbing, allow the paste to dry completely, then rinse it away with warm water. After using this (as both mask and scrub) my complexion looks renewed and rosy. There is a "lit from within" glow that only exfoliation can bring to your skin, and the lavender scent is so relaxing. This is one phenomenal product! I love the fact that it is a multi-use skincare product that can be adjusted to fit your needs. There aren't many (aren't any?) products on the market that allow you to adjust the formula to your skin type. Personally I teeter between combination and oily skin. Plus my cheeks are always dry, no matter what. So knowing that I can change how this works for me by simply changing what I add to it is really awesome!

To dig deeper into the brand, I asked Erica of Becca and Mars a few questions.

Describe Becca and Mars in six words. 

Fresh scents, therapeutic products, all natural.

What product are you most proud of and why?

I would say the Hand Candies. The response from people has been phenomenal. They tell me how delicious they smell and they love how supremely soft their hands feel after washing with it. Our testers are always delighted to get a new scent to try. We even have a couple of people who say they are quite tasty, though we don’t recommend actually eating the Hand Candy.

What do you love about living in Baltimore?

I've lived in Baltimore for 7 ½ years, which in Baltimore terms is about 3 months, but anyway…I really didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. My favorite thing is that the city is so eclectic. There are so many groups and cultures within this small area. I’ve enjoyed learning about the history and traditions of Baltimore and I’ve really loved the arts community here.

I will leave you with some awesome news! Becca and Mars is currently running a sale on their Winter Night Collection! From March 11th through March 20th, all Winter Night products will be 20% off! This is the perfect time to take my advice, and try out these delicious scented bath and body products! I am for sure purchasing the entire Winter Night Collection when I run out of my current jars and bottles. Now that I have tried it and fallen head over heels in love with how they smell, I am not sure I can live without them.

Join me next week for The Etsy Pick of the Week, Baltimore Edition, Volume 3! I am going to be featuring an Etsy seller who creates beautiful mineral makeup! See you next Sunday!!

Becca and Mars can be purchased at their Etsy store on In addition to being purchased individually, Becca and Mars' Winter Night Collection can be purchased as a set for $33.75. And don't forget about the Winter Night Sale!!!!


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